Ever wonder where the ideas went when it’s crunch time before Halloween and your children are still costume-less? Here are a few ideas for those that are pressed for time and ideas.

  1. Crayons: Dress your child in either long johns or a matching t-shirt and pants, then create a party hat to match. Write CRAYON down the front just like a normal crayon, and you have a whole outfit.
  2. Mouse: Dress your child in white sweats and a white hoodie with white shoes (or gray or black too). Use pink felt to cut a large circle to place on the sweatshirt. For the ears, use grey or white or black felt and then put the pink felt circles in the center. Cut out a slice (like a piece of pie), then overlap and glue the cut edges together with fabric glue. Attach it to the hood of the sweatshirt with double-sided foam tape. Use thick cotton cording with duct tape attached to the sweatpants as a tail. Pull the sweatshirt over the top so that you can’t see the duct tape. Make whiskers!
  3. You can create tiger and zebra costumes easily with craft foam and duct tape. The main material you need are yet again sweatpants- in black. Stick a strip of duct tape to a piece of parchment paper, then cut the strip. Arrange the stripes on the sweatshirt as you like, and then peel off the parchment paper and arrange them on the sweats. Make ear pieces in a similar fashion to the ones above.
  4. Sushi: Dress your child in all white, add an orange pillow, and use a green ribbon sash to attach it to your child’s back.
  5. Clown: Oversized clothing with bright colors, a hat, and makeup.
  6. Skunk: Wear all black and put a white stripe down the back.
  7. Turtle: Wear green leotards or sweats and attach a poster board to the back in an oval shape and color as a turtle shell.

-Whitney J. Manson


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