Studies show 85% of Americans have a dietary deficiency. And many of us don’t get enough of the fatty acids our bodies desperately need. So it’s time to ask yourself, are you getting enough Omega-3 fish oils?

More and more research suggests that Omega 3’s are beneficial in more ways than one and provide the essential fatty acids that are crucial for our good health.

Luckily, Omega-3 Fish oil can be found in fatty fishes such as salmon, albacore tuna, and herring, but are also available in capsule form.

From beauty to bliss, from your heart to your head, count the ways one daily dose of Omega 3 Fish oil can greatly improve the quality of your life.


When it comes your health, help reduce your risk of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke, by getting your daily dose. And if you’re trying to conceive, Omega-3’s are purported to be key for healthy conception, pregnancy and lactation.


Beat the blues. Researchers have found that fish oil containing omega-3 fatty acids can be a useful method in fighting depression.  Studies have found that, when fed to piglets, Omega-3’s raise the level of the critical neurotransmitter, serotonin.


For all of us who want to look tip-top, Omega-3’s are great for keeping your hair shiny and scalp healthy. Lack of Omega-3’s can lead to dry and flaky scalps, and dry hair.

If you’re worried about your skin, Omega-3’s are said to prevent sagging skin, maintain the skin’s natural elasticity, and help promote an all over healthy glow and youthful plump.

And don’t forget your nails. Omega-3’s make nails stronger and less vulnerable to splitting.

Why wouldn’t you add some Omega-3’s into your daily regimen!?

-Arianna Schioldager

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