We have had some crazy rain over the last few days, which I know is just a fact of life for spring. But for some reason, it gives my kids extra energy that they need to burn off. Its like the rain gives them a case of the crazies. To keep them busy and make them stop asking me, “has it stopped raining yet, has it stopped raining yet?” on repeat we decided to make some cars out of cardboard boxes.

My husbands work is constantly getting huge cardboard boxes, and I think they make some of the best crafting materials ever. Every now and again, I ask him to bring some home for us in the past we have made some wicked robot costumes out of boxes.

This time however, We took two boxes, one for each kid and let them color them to look like cars. We added paper plate wheels and headlights, then drew on racing stripes, doors, windows, and anything else they could come up with. It was a great activity that lasted about forty five minutes. After they were all finished the kids put in their favorite stuffed animals and “raced” their cars around the house.

After daddy came home we put the kids in their cars and pushed them around so they could face too. That was a great workout. When everyone was sufficiently tired we parked our cars in the living room, filled them with pillows and blankets and let the kids enjoy a drive in movie. Snuggled in their cars they enjoyed a homemade pizza dinner and some popcorn for an after dinner snack. What movie did we enjoy do you ask? Why Cars 2 of course! It was a great free activity to keep my little crazy kids busy for most of the entire rainy day.

-Stephanie Wright

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