After my many incidents this week… and namely, today, I feel inspired to discuss driving etiquette. Driving etiquette is never discussed, not even in driver’s education classes or defensive driving classes either.

carsWhat, you say, is driver’s etiquette? It’s not being a huge jerk on the road. Everyone on the road is there because they are going somewhere, and the ability to acknowledge that is the first step in the right direction. Driving is not racing, and by acting like an idiot and attempting to race around and swerve in and out of lanes you just look like a fool. And when I see you later on in a wreck, I will probably laugh at you.

Merging is a fancy term for “Taking Turns” or sharing. This does not mean that you should cut someone off, try to play chicken, or aggressively try to hit their front end. Just let the person in if it is his turn! There is no reason to dash in front and cut them off- it is not a race. Letting one car in front of you won’t be the end of the world. The polite thing to do is take turns or let people merge when their lane ends. Please try to be nice.

Accidents happen. If you do happen to hit a car- whether it be with your car, person, bike, or what have you- LEAVE A NOTE. Do not be that person who ruins someone’s day. Your karma will be ruined, and really do try to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. Leave your phone and number. Pay for the damage. Do the right thing!

Running red lights= a bad idea. Try not do this during rush hour. Think of the poor person trying to make a left who is stuck in the intersection (me everyday on the way home from work) and let them make that safe yellow rather than wait for you to fly through the red light.

Be gracious, not rude, and try to remember- no one wins in a race if you get in a wreck!

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