For every social network, there is an appropriate type of photo. Facebook should be a good photo, but it can be a little more fun or one with a pet. However, LinkedIn should be picked with CARE. Read my quick guide to picking out the best photo of you!


  • If you’re desperate for new friends, while I do not recommend this personally, it has actually been proven that flirting toward the camera is more effective than just smiling for girls. Flirting away from the camera is a serious turn-off, whether you’re a guy or girl.
  • Make sure to be looking at the camera.
  • I truly don’t recommend you take the photo of yourself. Note, however, that “MySpace” photos actually work. I happen to think they’re lame, but if you want a lot of friends, apparently it grabs people.
  • Try to stay away from shots… of you taking shots. While this is less professional than LinkedIn, it’s not that hard to hack into your Facebook or at least seen your main photo. First impressions are important, and when you apply to jobs this might just be your first impression- so be careful!
  • Make sure you look cute but natural. If someone meets you in person and has no idea that they already friended you the day before, that’s a bad sign. Make sure to look yourself.


  • Keep in mind that this is a PROFESSIONAL social network. These photos are not to be of you drunk and stumbling.
  • Pick the best photo of you that was ever taken sans cups, alcohol, etc. It is incredibly important to pick this photo wisely. 
  • Make sure you are completely alone in this photo and that it is taken by someone else.
  • If you have any professional photos, use these.

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