Chocolate and raspberry cupcakesWe’ve been having a blast sharing some of our favorite alcohol infused cupcakes in our drunken desserts series here on Weekly Sauce. Some have been original recipes, while others are ideas that we’d like to try in the future.

This week, we are sharing a really special recipe that we made for our boyfriend’s 30th birthday. He is a big fan of raspberry Lambic. It’s not something he drinks regularly, but it’s a special treat that he likes to enjoy on occasion, and we just knew we had to figure out a way to infuse his birthday cupcakes with it on his special day.

When baking with alcohol, I try and make sure that the cake AND the frosting (or syrup) have liquor in them so as to not lose the flavor of the alcohol. I happen to enjoy the taste of tequila and whiskey, so if I’m baking with it, I want to taste it!

This recipe is no different.

Since I was making these for a birthday party, and I had to make a lot, I chose to go with a base of white cake, and infuse it with the Lambic Raspberry Framboise. Sometimes you’ve gotta cheat to make it work!

It’s pretty simple, really. Just replace the water in the recipe with the beer, and replace the milk in the frosting with it as well. You can do this with many bold flavored beverages, but not all of them work. I once tried it with cola and failed miserably.

We also added in a lovely berry mixture of blueberries and raspberries to the cake mix, and a little bit to the frosting as well.

To see my full recipe, check out my old baking blog where it lives to this day!

We hope you enjoy this recipe, if you make it, let us know!

-Sasha Huff

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