fancymargaritaOur favorite alcoholic beverage has to be the margarita. There is something about the sweet & salty taste that’s always desirable to us, and if it’s on the menu, we are 100% ordering it. Tequila is our favorite liquor, and a little lime juice involved with a salted rim just makes us happy. Not to mention the fact that it remind us of being on a tropical vacation somewhere, which is always a good thing.

A classic margarita is made up of tequila, triple sec, lime juice or sweet & sour mix, poured over ice or blended with a rim of salt on the glass.

But many bars and restaurants offer different flavor combinations that take it all to another level. Whether it’s adding spice with jalapeños, a fruity mix with mangoes, or the refreshing flavor of watermelon, mixologists are having fun creating twists on the classic drink that we love to enjoy!

Here are some of our favorite recipes, if you haven’t tried them yet!

Jalapeño Lime Margarita – This one is easy to make. Take the classic recipe, and replace the tequila with a jalapeño infused brand like Tanteo. If you don’t want to purchase a whole bottle, you could also muddle a fresh jalapeño, let it infuse in your tequila for an hour or so, and then use it in your drink!

Grapefruit Margarita – We happen to be a big fan of grapefruits, and have always enjoyed it with some tequila. It may not be your style, but its worth a taste if you love this fruit as much as we do!

Watermelon Mango – Two of our favorite fruits mixed together with tequila added as well? We’ll take two!

Pineapple & Cucumber – This recipe is on our list to try this summer. We would have NEVER thought to put it together. Thank you, internet, for providing access to creative minds behind recipes like this.

We can’t wait to indulge in a couple of these at our next happy hour with friends!

-Sasha Huff

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