bushIf you have a black thumb like me (seriously, I killed a cactus once. A cactus!) you’re probably also on the hunt for some low-maintenance and almost indestructible house plants. So here are five allegedly easy-to-keep indoor plants. (And don’t feel bad if you’re like me and have never heard of any of these plant names before.)

Pothos – This plans is apparently super awesome because not only does it filter the air, but it doesn’t require constant watering and grows well in normal temperatures. Not to mention, it’ll look great in any room of the house.

Aloe – This succulent loves the sunlight, so as long as you keep it in a sunny area and water it once in a while, it’s good to go. And if you happen to get a cut but can’t find your trusty tube of Neosporin, break off a piece of this and rub its healing gel-like juices all over that cut.

Jade Plant – Another succulent variety, this one with cute rounded leaves, jade plants are fairly low-maintenance and does well without frequent watering and in ordinary room temperatures.

Rubber Tree – I find this plant appealing for rooms like the living room because it can grow into a huge 8-foot tree if you let it. You can keep it smaller by regularly pruning its stems. It will thrive in a room that’s kept between 60 to 80 degrees, and needs the soil to be dry before watering again.

Snake Plant – I love the long slender look of this plant, and it’s so super easy to keep that perhaps even a black thumb like myself may have to give it a try. It grows well in a huge range of lighting conditions and doesn’t require any special temperature to thrive. It also requires only occasional watering. Score!

Am I missing some must-have low-maintanence plants?

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