This past week much of the south was struck by horrendous storms and tornadoes.  While I stayed bunkered down with my two kids and dog, I thought about how unprepared I truly was.  It seems no matter where you live, chances are there could be an emergency.  I will sleep better knowing that I have done everything within my power to keep my family safe, and well taken care of. 

I keep an emergency kit in our bunker down closet, and another in our car.  We just used regular old Rubbermaid tubs to hold everything.  Here is what we keep inside:  

  • Bottled drinking water.
  • Juice boxes. 
  • Granola bars, crackers, fruit snacks, and other little food items that are shelf stable. 
  • I have one of my son’s preferred style of sippy cup. 
  • An extra pair of clothes for the whole family. 
  • Extra dog food and a leash (These aren’t in my car emergency kit.  The dog doesn’t travel with us, it makes her sick!). 
  • Sweatshirts, blankets, and jackets just in case of cold or wet weather. 
  • Diapers (Got to have diapers!)
  • Wipes (don’t forget the wipes).  Those things can clean anything from sticky hands, dirty bums, and all sorts of miscellaneous disasters! 
  • Formula for children of that age, and jars of baby food for the older children.

Also important are things for the little ones to do.  It is important to keep little ones busy so they don’t worry about what is going on.  I like books and small toys that Target sells in their dollar section.  We have a nice little surplus of these in both kits to help keep kids occupied if it ever came to that.  Finally, don’t forget to change out stuff as needed.  Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget!

-Stephanie Wright

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