File this one under random, but I have to share.  This weekend my sister and I went to the mall to get a head start on our holiday shopping (score 1 point for us for being proactive!), but I bet you can guess how that turned out.  Yeah I shopped for myself instead.  One of my favorite places to go shopping for myself would be Sephora.  Now that’s my kind of trick-or-treating.  This is the place where you just spend money on things you don’t need but think you do, kinda like a dude at Home Depot.  This weekend I did the impossible and proved myself wrong when I bought a little tool.  This tool would be the Sephora Collection Eyebrow Trimmer/Brush.  I have an obsession with keeping my brows trimmed and clean, but with those in-between appointments I need to do the upkeep and I couldn’t figure out what to use…until now!  Seriously, this is the coolest little scissor, it has a removable comb and is the perfect size to keep in your makeup bag (don’t bring it on a plane people!!) for those quick little fixes.  I used it this weekend and voila, I look like I just left the brow salon!

While you are on the Sephora website, check out this brand new NARS gift set. You know I am a NARS junkie after all.

-Jessica Brown

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