The gift for those who have it all.

Now that Halloween has passed, we are going full throttle into the holiday season.  I still had kids asking for their candy on Sunday night, when I saw my first Christmas ad on TV…whoa there advertisers!!   I don’t know about you, but I stress about giving gifts whether it’s for the holidays or a birthday.  What do you get the people who have everything?  Ugh, this is what most of us go through every time we have to buy a gift.  What I like to give is personalized stationery, not only because we don’t personally write notes anymore but most wouldn’t ever buy it for themselves!  I love stationery and have drawers full of note cards and paper!  Some of the sites that I order from are The Stationery Studio and Paperly.   What’s great about these websites is that you can get your stationery, but they are also branching out into napkins, address stickers, wedding and hostess gifts even invitations!   Next time you are stuck thinking of that perfect gift, thank me for the idea and drop me a note :)

-Jessica Brown

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