I am welcoming fall television with open arms. No longer will I be waiting for my next Netflix DVD, I will be back into my typical routine. What is this, you ask? It’s an addiction, really. So basically, it’s back to working, gym, dinner, blogging, and television watching. I’m on the lookout for new shows, but here’s what I’ve got for now in my line-up.
My TV Line-Up Worth Watching:


  • Dexter- If you haven’t rented this yet on Netflix, get started. You probably won’t leave your house for a few days, but hopefully it’s raining outside so you don’t feel guilty. Dexter’s about a serial killer who only kills those who are murderers, all while keeping a normal job and family in tact. Once we began watching this, we couldn’t stop watching.
  • Mad Men- There’s a reason they’ve won so many Emmys. Jon Hamm is flawless at the role of Don Draper, an ad man leading a double life of his own.
  • Monday

  • Monday night football- enough said.
  • Additionally, I recommend Gossip Girl and 90210 if you’re girlie and amazing. Gossip Girl has gone downhill, but I still feel the need to see Dan’s man sweater and Vanessa’s beast of hair.
  • Chuck is a spy/love/comedy/drama shot like a movie that’s pretty amazing. We started watching it this summer and I’m dying to know how things progress.
  • If you get Showtime, watch Weeds and The Big C. Start watching Weeds from season 1 on Netflix, and you’ll see why I say this. The crazy Botwin family and their adventures selling weeds will leave you wanting to watch the next season pretty quickly.
  • Tuesday

  • Fill you evening with some Glee. Singing, dancing, smiling, and high school rivalries come to light in this. The upcoming episode is all Britney Spears, and she’s even making a cameo. Celebrities are all clamoring for cameos on the show, and you’ll see the likes of John Stamos, Gwenyth Paltrow (possibly), Kristin Chenoweth, etc.
  • The following comedies shouldn’t be missed either, especially Running Wilde, which is written by Mitch Hurtwitz and Will Arnett. Mitch Hurtwitz is also the creator behind Arrested Development, so if you like Arrested, you’ll probably like this too. Will Arnett plays a smarmy rich guy, Steve Wilde, and Keri Russell plays a charming hippie type with a daughter named Puddle. Her boyfriend is none other than David Cross, aka Tobias from Arrested. Amazing.
  • Parenthood you can catch on NBC at ten. It’s a family dramedy that follows a family and their children through the rough times of oncoming adulthood.
  • Wednesday

  • Modern Family at 8:30. Otherwise, catch up on your DVR.
  • Thursday

  • NBC Comedies- ALL of which are good. I can sit there for 2 hours straight without moving, unless you count laughing as moving.
  • The Vampire Diaries- another CW drama worth watching. I would venture to say it was the breakout star of last year. It’s dark, creepy, and full of vampire drama. I love it.

-Whitney J. Manson

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