The other day my four year old and I were in a deep conversation about how every person in the world is different and everyone has things that they are good at.  We talked about how she was an excellent dancer, and Mommy wasn’t really.  After much debate, we concluded that Mommy was pretty good at making sandwiches.  Once we figured all the things that we enjoyed and were good at, it was an easy decision to have a talent show to showcase our talents.  If only I knew how much fun this was going to be. 

We took some old window curtains and fashioned ourselves a stage.  “You can’t have a show without curtains,” Ladybug says.  Everyone sat in the “audience” while the performer waited behind the curtains.  Starting with my daughter we announced her performance.  She had dressed herself in her most elaborate dress-up ensemble and it was no big surprise that she sang and danced her turn.  Big Daddy played us all a song on his guitar, then Mommy on the piano. 

The highlight of the show however, was my son.  Little Monkey impressed us all with his talents, mind you he is only a mere eighteen months old.  After we called his name, then helped open up the curtains for him he first looked really excited that we all clapped for him.  He clapped right back at us and shouted, “Yay!”  It was at that moment that he decided to grace us with his talent.  Quite appropriately he let out the biggest fart I have ever heard from such a small behind.  Then he laughed.  I’m not quite sure if he was being prophetic about his future, or just giving us his opinion on having a talent show.  Either way, it was priceless.

-Stephanie Wright

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