If you know me, you know that I am always looking for fun things to do with my kiddos.  I want things that excite the kids and are also inexpensive. 

Keeping the games fresh is a constant battle for me, but I try regardless.  It’s even more difficult when you have lots of kids who all like different things.  Its okay to let the kids go on their own and play their own games sometimes, but other times I enjoy the challenge and think it’s just as much fun trying to get all the kids to play together.  The way I see it it’s a good way to teach the kids how to work with others.  After all adults don’t always get their way, we don’t always get to do exactly what we want to do.  We must compromise.  My goal is to teach my kids to compromise with each other and their friends; in doing so they can have lots of fun. 

Our latest game creation happened last week while we had some friends over.  We had two different types of children, who wanted to play two very different games. On one had I had a five year old boy who insisted on playing Freeze Tag, and then a four year old girl who just wanted to dance.  Once I was able to get them to stop glaring at each other we all sat down and figured out our grand compromise:  Freeze Dancing.  It is pure genius.  There might not be any tagging, but there was a lot of freezing which kept little man happy plus plenty of dancing to keep little lady happy.  After a few minutes the two began working together on more complicated rules. 

As far as I was concerned it was mission accomplished!

-Stephanie Wright

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