With fathers day just around the corner it’s time to start getting our gift ideas in order. As always I am a super big fan of the homemade gifts. I think it’s a great way to get the kids actively involved in the gift giving, and it gives them some much deserved pride in the gift itself. This year we are presenting dad with a photograph of all three kids, each holding a letter and spelling “Dad.” The kids were very into the whole process, which is unusual when it comes to my kids and photographs. To make the whole thing more fun I also gave each kid a questionnaire. You see all over the Internet people giving their kids questionnaires about themselves. I thought, why not do the same but about dad instead. Their answers were cute, and of course hilarious. My five year old was able to write down her own answers but of course I had to assist the littler ones. Here are some ideas of things to ask your kids, and I included some of my kids answers for kicks too!

How old is daddy?


What is daddy’s favorite color?


What does Daddy likes to wear?

Spies (ties)

My favorite thing about daddy is?

When he tickles me.

What does daddy do at work?

Make people happy

What is daddy’s favorite food?


What is daddy’s hair color?


You can get the idea. Make these as personal as possible to the daddy in question. I have the questions and answers written on the back of the photographs we took so we will always have them. Once all framed up they will sit proudly on his desk, and with any luck will bring a smile to his face and remind him how important he is to us!

-Stephanie Wright

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