I adore decorating for Halloween.  It might possibly be my favorite holiday.  Even above Christmas.  This year, while perusing Pintrest (can we say guilty pleasure?) I came across a picture of some Halloween decorations.  Someone had taken their foot, dipped it into white paint and put it on canvas.  Doesn’t sound to scary, I know.  But upside down the feet looked like a ghost.  It was so cute.  Several others had done something similar with their kids feet.  I thought, “eureka! Here is our next craft!”

You’ll need:

A canvas

Black Spray Paint

White paint




Hot Glue

I took my canvas and spray painted it black.  I did a few coats to make sure it was completely covered.  When that was dry I took my three month old son’s socks off, gently dipped his foot into the white paint and placed it on the black canvas.  (Gush! Who doesn’t LOVE baby feet?)  I did the same thing with my two year old’s feet, and then with my five year old’s.  Three little ghosts!  Once the feet were dry I took the paint brush and wrote their names under their ghost feet.  Then on the top of the canvas I wrote, “Happy Halloween 2011.”  Now not only do I have a super cute Halloween decoration, but I have the cutest reminder of how big (or little) my kid’s feet were this year.

I’m contemplating getting another canvas and doing the same with their hands.  Thumbs and wrists together, fingers out to each side to make spiders.

Once everything is dried, take your ribbon and attach it to the canvas so you can hang it. Use as much ribbon as you prefer, depending on how far you want it to hang.


-Stephanie Wright

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