It’s almost Valentine’s Day, but most of us with a sweetheart will be headed out Valentine’s Night.  Whether you’ll be whisked away to a secret getaway or out to a romantic dinner (or maybe your hunny has something else up their sleeve), you’ll need that perfect outfit.  And since they say the dress in the details, why not go for something a little simpler, a little girly, and wear something with a feminine fit. While I’m always in favor of dressing for yourself, there’s no harm in dressing for him one night out of the year. Take a peek at these Little Valentine’s Dresses and outfit yourself in something that makes the night memorable.

For a traditional night out to dinner. Forget feminine wiles, beguile him with your fashion sense, and slip into this simple black classic Victoria Peplum Dress from Alice + Olivia.

For a picnic underneath the stars.  Yes, you can still wear a short dress, but you may want to drop your hemline an inch or two.  To snuggle up beneath the Milky Way, try this flirty Contrasting Collar number from Zara. You can add tights for warmth, or bank on good snuggle session. Plus it’s easy to dress down with flats, or up with heels…just in case you want to take your picnic to the dance floor.

If you want to knock his socks off, don’t hold back and take a peak at this Embellished Fringe Shoulder Dress from TopShop.  The red palate and the plunging heart neckline are just what Cupid ordered, but still maintain a classic look.

And just in case you’re one for dressing for the occasion, who needs a dozen roses when you can wear them? This Sleeveless Painted Rose Dress is feminine and sexy, fun and girly.  Need anything else?


-Arianna Schioldager

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