Every spring, when I start my spring cleaning, I search through my medicine cabinets and check expiration dates on medicines. I found that this year, my first aid kid needed some adjusting and more than just bandaids.  My new first aid kits are being stored in old baby wipe tubs. They are the perfect size, and store easily. I have made three, one for upstairs, one for down, and one for the car.

Inside I have put a variety pack of band aids. Those are self explanatory. I also got two types of Neosporin, a cream variety, and a spray kind.  I also got travel sized bottles and filled them with hydrogen peroxide. Don’t forget to label them! For pain medication, I included both child and adult Tylenol and Motrin, plus a little print out with dosages on it by weight. The print out is about the size of a baseball card, and I covered it on both sides with packing tape. Sort of a cheap lamination. In the box are also q-tips and cotton balls, as well as an antibacterial spray and hand wash. I also included Benadryl for both adults and kids (again with a dosing chart).  Another good thing is to have tweezers inside for splinter removals. I also put in a small pack of wipes, those things clear everything!

In addition to those goodies, we added small scissors, I case we have to cut off pants! Alcohol wipes are useful too. Thermometers are good to keep, especially in the car kit. At home, I know where the thermometers are, but while we are out its good to have. The car kit also has a flashlight, some batteries, and rubber gloves as well. Those are the basics to my first aid kits. The last thing in there are small suckers. Anyone with kids can testify that a booboo can instantly be made better by a simple sucker. If you don’t like the idea of candy, I hear stickers have a similar effect too, or balloons. They obviously don’t have helium, but they still bring a smile to little faces.

-Stephanie Wright

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