200267241-001If you love pizza and would prefer to eat it for dinner every night of your life, raise your hand. While you can’t see us through the computer screen, we are frantically waving both hands in the air with a slice of pizza hanging from our mouth. Nice image, isn’t it? We can’t help it, we just love us some pizza!

Whether you are a fan of the veggie pie, meat lovers, or something salty and sweet like a pineapple-covered Hawaiian pizza, there is no greater joy than the personal one to enjoy all alone. Call us selfish, but if we can have a pie all to ourselves or share one with you, chances are, we’re going solo!

With that in mind, we had to find some recipes to add to our collection for the infamous personal pizza. Here are the five we were dying to share with you:

1) Bacon, Egg and AsparagusWho¬†said you can’t have pizza for breakfast? We usually just eat a cold slice of cheese for a morning snack, but perhaps you are interested in something a bit more sophisticated. Not to mention delicious.

2) Ricotta and Peach – Peaces are out of season right now, but we couldn’t leave this one off the list. We love roasted peaches mixed into a savory dish, and we believe this would be an amazing recipe to try.

3) Veggie Pizza– We can’t make a pizza list without a veggie option. This one sounds delicious! You won’t have to force us to eat the broccoli in this dish!

4) Tortilla Crust – This is a good one if you don’t feel like making pizza dough. Just use a tortilla instead; you’ll save loads of cleaning time and and add a nice crunch factor to the equation.

5) Mediterranean Pizza – Feta, olives, peppers, oh my. We love any combo that includes these ingredients, and when you mix it with red sauce and pizza dough, we’re sold.

Have you ever tried to make a personal pizza before? What are your favorite recipes or toppings to use? Let us know in the comments!

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