Woman Lying In Park Wearing Flowers Around HairFestival season is well under way, and since there are a ton of outdoor music venues all over the country that will be filled with awesome bands all summer long, we think it’s time you learn how to add some beautiful flowers into that lovely hair of yours.

While some people are down for a full on flower crown, others may be interested in adding just a little accent piece to get in the spirit. We’ve got you covered both ways!

Both crafts are pretty simple to do, so let’s get started.

To make a flower crown, you will need:

A headband, piece of ribbon, or any other type of rope/wiring that you feel will be comfortable


Cloth flowers from your local art supply store

Glue Gun

Are you ready for the easiest craft project you’ve ever done?


Cut the stems off the cloth flower, and glue them to your anchor piece. If you want to really stand out, glue a ton of them on there. If you want a more subtle look, simply glue one big statement piece onto your headband, and leave it to that.

To make it even more exciting, grab some sparkly beading, feathers, or extra ribbon and glue them in between the flowers. You can find plastic, gem-like accents online for reasonable prices these days.

Stick to colors that you think will accent the outfit your are wearing. If you want to get really crazy with it, grab a plastic cuff bracelet and glue some flowers and beads to that as well.

No matter how many people will want to call you a poser or a fake hippy for adding flowers to your outfit, we say go for it. Music festivals were meant to be fun, so don’t let anyone ruin your good time.

-Sasha Huff

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