waiting for twinsBack in the day, couples used to go to the doctor, find out the gender of their baby-to-be and pick up the phone  and call friends and family to share the news – or not. Nowadays, a new trend has emerged among parents-to-be where the “sharing is caring” adage is really put into overdrive. Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular and involves finding out the answer to is it a boy or a girl? in front of all your nearest and dearest.

Where did this huge trend that seemingly exploded out of nowhere come from? Some theorize that it’s because of the poor economy, so that people are always looking for a way to celebrate. Or perhaps it coincides with the rise of Pinterest and people are pinning all these adorable party ideas, but don’t have a party to use them on…until now! Whatever the case, this trend appears to be here to stay and who doesn’t love an excuse for a good party?

Many modern couples are hosting these parties with fun themes and games to really play up the element of surprise. Here are some ideas:

The Pink/Blue Cake Route

This is the most “traditional” method of sharing the gender. At the appointment where gender can be determined, the couple asks the doctor to write the sex on a slip of paper that they don’t see. They then hand that paper to a baker who bakes a cake that is either tinted blue or pink inside. At the party, the couple cuts the cake with everyone watching, and everyone gets to share in on the gender reveal together.

Balloons in a Box

Similar to the cake idea above, except a third-party goes to order balloons in the color matching the gender, and asks the clerk to hide them in a box which is opened at the party as blue or pink balloons come floating out for all to see.

A Cravings theme

Use all of mom-to-be’s cravings as party food – arranged in an irresistible Pinterest-y fashion, of course.

Bow or Beau Theme

Decorate using bows and fake mustaches.

The Piñata Reveal

Have a vendor fill a pinata with candies and other baubles the color matching the baby’s gender. Then take swings at it until the surprise is revealed for all to see.

What Will Baby Bee?

A bee-themed party is a pun-ny way to celebrate baby-to-be.

The Ballot Box

Have guests fill out a ballot with their guess on the baby’s gender.

No matter which way you decide to reveal the big news, it’s sure to be a special and memorable moment that everyone will cherish.

– Esther Carlstone

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