ws-article-cateringtruckI just got an email announcing the first Miami Street-Food Summit, which will occur at Miami’s Fall into the Arts downtown on Sunday. As a foodie and lover of food trucks, I am pretty excited that this trend is catching on here. When I first moved, I noticed they weren’t as plentiful in Miami as they are in L.A. They have quite the variety on the West Coast, and some I still follow just to remind myself on what I’m missing out on there. Most food trucks will tweet their location, so find them on Facebook or Twitter and eat away. You won’t be disappointed.
If you’re in Los Angeles, you need to stalk these out:

  1. Kogi- This would be the first food truck I ever heard of or tried. I waited over an hour in line outside my office to try this delicacy, and I was blown away. I had chicken tacos, but they were more flavorful than anything I ever had in my life. The Korean barbecued chicken, pork, and beef have a plethora of seasonings that will leave you wanting more.
  2. The Grilled Cheese Truck- If you know me, you know my taste buds are not all that evolved from childhood. I would more-than-happily gorge myself on grilled cheese sandwiches every day of the week, and this place steps it up a notch. Their menu boasts plain grilled cheese, gourmet ones, one with mac and cheese and pork, and additions such as tomato, onion, basil, and avocado. On the side, obviously you can order tomato soup…. Or tots!
  3. The Sprinkles Mobile- If you’ve had a Sprinkles cupcake, you know why I’m about to rave about this. I have honestly never tasted a more amazing cupcake in my life, ever, and the fact that this truck just shows up and brings them to you is magical. There aren’t a ton of locations, so if this shows up outside your office run to it.

Miami Eaters, look towards these:

  1. Latin Burger and Taco Truck- Pulled pork tacos, the Macho burger, and the fries are all to die for. The Macho Burger is what I tried, and I wasn’t disappointed. They put an impressive avocado sauce on a burger made from sirloin, chorizo, and chuck. To top it off, they put caramelized onions and Oaxaca cheese. It melted in my mouth.
  2. Nacho Bizness- Here we go again with some Korean barbecue, which for some reason is really tasty. This place prides itself on infusing cuisines into tacos. They have jerk chicken, spicy Korean pulled pork, Baja grilled fish, carne asada, and vegetarian options in taco, burrito, or burrito bowl forms. You can also get breakfast and lunch too! This place is great for a hangover or just a twist on normal tacos.

Find Los Angeles food trucks here:
-Whitney J. Manson

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