ws-article-homeschoolingHomeschooling used to only be used by the children who were future athletes, future Olympians, hippies, fundamentalist Christians who don’t believe in evolution and immorality, and parents who don’t want their kids to leave the home.
However, homeschooling began one hundred years ago. Kids have even been placed in juvenile detention centers for the truancy involved in homeschooling as many as a few years ago.

Often parents provide social options for their children to help give them what they need to succeed in college and life.

Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, but it also isn’t the worst thing that happened to children- while it often may appear so to those who don’t use it. The argument of proper socialization is the biggest reasoning against homeschooling; however, with the internet, it’s becoming more common as I type this.
People choose to homeschool their kids for more reasons than athletic training. Some feel that they didn’t receive the education they desired, and they want their children to get the special attention. Schools aren’t always catering to special-needs students either, like autism or attention deficit disorder. You can cater your education to your child’s needs, attention span, strengths, and weaknesses.
Those who experience homeschooling score higher on standardized tests than average children who go to school. People also believe that one of the reasons they excel in college is due to their independent lifestyle that taught them how to manage studies at an early age.
The individualized attention can be extremely beneficial to children. You can go as slow or as fast as your child needs, which is not offered in a classroom setting. This way, you can avoid the boredom that bright children experience all through school or the feeling of being behind and unable to catch up for those who process things slowly.
Individualized attention sounds great, but what about the socialization children experience in school? Often parents provide social options for their children to help give them what they need to succeed in college and life. Socialization is vital to the proper education of a child, and so it should be strongly emphasized that play groups, activities, and study groups are essential to your child’s future success if you choose this route. Your child can avoid the stigma of proper outfits, awkward ages, and distractions like bullying while still getting a full social experience.
-Whitney J. Manson

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