Knowing that I’m about to have a baby has got me thinking about the fact that I won’t have much time or energy to cook for the rest of my family.  Just because I’m tired and worn out doesn’t mean the rest of the family shouldn’t get a good meal for dinner.  To help combat the urge to feed them mac and cheese, this last month of pregnancy I have been doubling (at least) every recipe I make and freezing the left overs.  My freezer is suddenly stocked with about a month full or quick lunches, dinners, and breakfasts that just need to be defrosted and warmed up. 

Even when I’m not expecting a new baby, I like to keep my freezer well stocked for those nights when chaos rules and I need a simple dinner.  For example, once a month I buy a huge quantity of onions and peppers.  I’ll chop those all up on the same day then separate them into individual bags.  I’ll do the same with chicken, buy a ton cook it all at once then freeze it in a family size portion.  I also like to take meats that are good with marinades and freeze the raw meat with the marinade already in the bag.  This way when I take the meat out to defrost it’s already marinating, saving me tons of time. 

Other meals that freeze well are spaghetti sauce, soups, jambalaya, and some casseroles.  You can bake an entire bag of potatoes and freeze them individually for a quick lunch or dinner side dish.  Don’t forget things like pancakes and waffles.  Next time you make the family a big breakfast, double or triple that batter, make it all and freeze them.  You can enjoy a fantastic breakfast without all the mess or time.

-Stephanie Wright

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