It’s still pretty hot here, summer is in full sweltering swing. I am constantly trying to find new and exciting ways I can get my kids to eat healthy foods, and at the same time, not have to spend hours in the kitchen. In addition, I try to keep things fun, and exciting for them too.

On our last trip to Disneyland, my kids had their first chocolate covered bananas. This got my wheels turning. They ate a banana and thought that it was dessert. Then I thought, who wouldn’t love desert for breakfast? That would definitely earn me the coolest mom award, right? But the problem of the chocolate, I do not think that I can justify the chocolate for breakfast. Bummer. But yogurt, yogurt I can totally get down with. Here is what you need:

Bananas for each person you want to serve, and a chopstick (or any other sturdy skewer you have.) Yogurt (I used vanilla because it is what I had on hand. It was yummy.) Toppings – granola, crushed up cereal, crumbled pancakes etc.

Peel and freeze your bananas, then skewer them.

Dip each liberally into your yogurt. Then dip into your toppings of choice. I used a homemade peanut butter granola that I had. Peanut butter, mini chocolate chips, and banana. Yum! After I dipped them into their topping I placed each banana on wax paper coated cookie sheet and let them harden in the freezer over night. Then the best part, letting the kids have Popsicles for breakfast. Absolutely awesome! Awesome enough that I had one too! Everyone was fooled, and thought they were getting some sort of special treat, and only I knew that they we were just eating a regular old breakfast, just frozen.

It’s our secret.

-Stephanie Wright

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