When I asked my trainer the other day (yea, he’s a celebrity trainer…I live in L.A. its very hard to avoid) “What is the one fitness gift you swear by? I was pleasantly surprised…… I asked in the first place because these are my favorite holiday gifts to give…..something my friends and family would never buy for themselves (gee, I wonder why!).  But, I guess I was surprised by the thoughtthat went with his idea.   Afterall, its the thought that counts, right?

So, here was his  brilliant idea…….pedometerHe recommends a Pedometer.  These are great, and the idea is that if you don’t normally workout, strap this bad boy on and all of a sudden, you’re in the game.  I gave this to my friend who works on a movie set…she never works out, has 18 hour days, always on her feet,  ect.  Well, after wearing this thing for a week, she knew exactly how many calories she burned and how far she walked on a daily basis.  It began to sink in when she walked by the craft services table (is it worth eating that fun size snicker bar when I burned 100 calories today already?).  The funny part is that within weeks, she’s waking up early to walk a few miles to supplement her already busy daily schedule.

Bottom line, once you start taking notice, it’s hard to ignore the reality.  My favorite way to trick my family and friends into being healthy!  Oh, and I  personally haven’t taken this thing off in weeks.  Check them out here PedometersUSA

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