Today, I had a virtual skin experience.  My skin looked like something out of a magazine – smooth, flawless and without an unsightly blemish in sight. This skin revelation is all thanks to the man who changed my make-up routine forever Michael Talley, the CosMedic Retail Educator for the revolutionary Cover FX make-up brand.  He provided me with the primer, concealer and foundation RX that left me with the skin of my wildest make-up loving dreams.

skinThis product line uniquely allows users to design and create their dream foundation by mixing and matching 35 shades (each created to address specific undertones found in skin) that can be built up to create the coverage the user desires.  Every individual can opt to edit their face-control needs for smooth high definition coverage without it actually looking like they are wearing anything at all.

Cover FX is even free from parabens, scents and oils.  The delicious primers sit across the “peaks” of your face and do not settle into any “valleys” caused by fine lines and wrinkles.  Additionally, another standout in the line, Clear Prep FX, contains 8% willow bark, which is a natural salicylic acid that eliminates shine and the occurrence of breakouts.

When using the line, “a little dab will due ya,” as it only takes “half a pea size”(gasp!) of any of the liquid products to cover your entire face.  According to the make-up genius that is Michael, Cover FX foundations can last users up to a year, as it only requires such a small amount per each use.  Each product in the line, which includes powders, gels and water-based foundations, contains unprecedented levels of pigment (40% in the creams and 20% in liquids) which leads to even, intense coverage.

Want to let your natural skin shine through while protecting from sun damage? Their Tinted Moisturizers contains SPF 30 and are absolutely gorgeous, providing an absolutely stunning face (if I do say so myself!).  Even though I always stay away from Tinted Moisturizers, as they usually leave my face looking chalky, this product glides on smooth as silk and stays on all day long.

But, my favorite Cover FX product, which is already a favorite of Lindsay Lohan and Madonna (not too shabby!) is the incredibly hydrating Skin Prep FX.  Applied in a small amount before you put on foundation and after to create the perfect dewy glow, it truly is a makeup must-have.  It kept my concealer, powder and foundation in place for hours and because these products are also treatments, it also zapped my blemishes while also providing incredible moisture.

This is the first line of products in ages that I love every single SKU, as Cover FX bonds to my skin like I have never seen before.  Each and every product became one with my face.

Now, I am one with Cover FX.

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