It is finally warm enough for us to get outside.  I’m not unrealistic, I know we probably have a few more cold spells to deal with before spring makes her official appearance, but for the time being, it is beautiful outside.  A nice 65 degrees, and nary a cloud in the sky.  It took us all by surprise, last week we had 4 inches of snow, three days later here we are.  My Ladybug could not wait to slip on a sundress without wool tights or jeans underneath, and a sweater on top.  Me, I couldn’t wait to slip on my flip flops.  It’s the California girl in me. 

What to do with a winters worth of pent up energy?  Go to the park of course!  There really is no better way for kids to get their energies out.  Monkey boy is finally reaching that age where he can hang with the bigger kids, climbing, sliding, and swinging with them.  We even got the dog out for some rousing fetch.  Big Daddy and I are nerds, so we didn’t mind playing tag with our kids which was a huge hit.  The best part was tackling daddy to the ground to ensure that he froze during freeze tag. 

I cannot imagine getting up and out with our kids.  It is probably the reason why winter is so tedious to me.  I don’t like being trapped in the house, and there are only so many places we can go to play without breaking the bank or just getting bored when it is cold.  So if you’re lucky enough to be in a climate where the weather is nice, get out and play if you can.  You will be surprised at the naps you your kids will take.  Oh, Don’t forget the sunscreen!

-Stephanie Wright

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