In recent travels I had the pleasure of treating my kids to Mc Donald’s.  Please don’t judge, I was desperate.  This location had a play-place, which was a must.  We were in dire need to burn off some pent up energies. 

Upon walking in I was shocked.  It looked like an upscale men’s lounge.  There were real live flowers in glass vases on each table.  A fireplace, this Mc Donald’s had a fireplace with an ornate wood mantel!  Big Daddy and I had to walk back outside and look at the old fashioned Mc Donald’s sign to make sure we were in the right place.  Then, once back inside, I thought it was wise to make sure we could afford to eat at this joint.  After all, their menu was displayed on huge flat screen TVs instead of the old traditional menu of my childhood. 

The dining room boasted three flat screens with various news and sports shows on.  It seems the only thing that we recognized was the menu itself.  Then we found the play-place itself.  I was speechless, which I’m sure you might imagine is a rare occurrence.  The play place also had a few flat screens, all playing the Disney channel.  My favorite part was the chandelier that hung above a table shaped like a grand piano.  The whole play area was music themed, and was huge immense.  At first I enjoyed that the area was split in two, one side for big kids and the others for toddlers.  Then I soon discovered that having both a big kid and a toddler that it was impossible to watch them both at the same time.  Regardless, this place was crazy and made me want to give Micky D’s another shot, not for the food, but for the atmosphere.

-Stephanie Wright

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