It is officially the week of Halloween! And we could not be happier here in my house.  All of our costumes are finished, and we are just doing some last minute crafts and counting down until trick or treat time.

My kids wanted some spooky cookies to munch on this week, but we didn’t have any spooky cookie cutters.  Frankly, I didn’t want to rush out to buy new ones.  It’s just cold enough outside that I wanted to stay in my sweats, drinking hot chocolate.  Yet, spooky cookies were requested! At first I thought I would just make regular sugar cookies and add in various food colors.  I was thinking black, orange, and purple cookies.  However, my kids informed me that colored cookies are not really that scary.  My solution was to use cookie decorating pens to draw scary things on our cookies.  And that is when it hit me.  I have a gingerbread man cookie cutter!

With our cutter we made both black and green gingerbread man shaped cookies.  The green cookies were transformed into Frankenstein cookies by chopping off the rounded part of the head, and decorating accordingly.  Our black cookies were left intact and we used white frosting to draw skulls and skeletons on them.  Nothing too fancy, we just filled in the heads, leaving two eye sockets, and then drew a stick person for the rest of the body.  Add a  few ribs and you are ready to go with a yummy, and not overly frosted cookie.  With our left over dough, we used a bell shaped cutter that I had (obviously I have a ton of Christmas shapes!) and then added on a small piece to it to make the shape of a witches broom.  My dove shaped cutter, again from my Christmas stash, was made with black colored dough to make a raven.

-Stephanie Wright

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