We’re both simultaneously excited and completely terrified that it’s already Girl Scout Cookie Season! Excited because we love those delicious cookies and terrified because we love those delicious cookies so much that we usually go through a whole box in one sitting. Don’t judge us, you know you’ve done it before.

How can anyone resist the temptation of those Caramel deLites (aka Samoas if you’re old school, like me!) or the minty chocolately freshness of Thin Mints. I am salivating just thinking about it.

So in celebration of the season, we wanted to share some of our favorite Girl Scout Cookie inspired recipes from the good ol’ interwebs. And yes, we did find a recipe for an adult beverage as well. You’re welcome.

Thin Mint S’mores – Our mind just exploded. S’mores, combined with Thin Mints?  No explaining needed. This is just plain brilliant.

Samoa Bars – This recipe combines everything that is amazing about Samoas/deLites but puts them in cookie bar form. There is something about a cookie bar that makes us irrationally happy. Maybe it’s because we can cut them into whatever size we want?

Thin Mint Cookie Cocktail (21+ only!) – Yes dear friends, there IS a thin mint cocktail recipe, and yes we ARE going to drink more than one of these at our next party.

Samoa Cheesecake Bars  – Combine cheesecake, chocolate, and caramel and you’ve basically won our heart.

Tagalongs Milkshake – This is another brilliant, but easy recipe. While it’s nothing new to throw candy into a milkshake, we just love the peanut butter/chocolate combo with cookie pieces included!

Savannah Smiles Blueberry Parfait – Parfaits are one of our favorite dessert items, so mixing it with these lemon flavored cookies sounds pretty much perfect.

 Chocolate Thin Mint Pie – Thin mints, chocolate pudding, whipped cream all bundled up in a pie tin is pretty much the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

Good luck to all the Girl Scouts out there and good luck to anyone on a diet! -Sasha Huff

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