Ever wander through Sephora and feel overwhelmed? Do colors and beauty claims pop out at you at every turn? Ever wish those little samples they sell at the front weren’t 15 bucks a pop? Enter Birch Box, a company born from the notion that the internet, our in-boxes, magazines, stores, etc., etc., are cluttered with products. Birch Box is a hand-picked beauty and lifestyle service, that sends you samples. Founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp curate products, working with major companies like Benefits Cosmetics and COBigelow, but then they take it one step further. You fill out a beauty profile, and then every month, a little box of high-end beauty samples from the likes of Laura Mercier, Dermalogica, and Nars, fragrances and beyond, are delivered right to your door for $10/month (+ free shipping).

In essence, Birch Box turns you into the curator of your own beauty drawer (or cabinet, or whatever). If you aren’t already in-the-know, it’s a great way to test new products, without shelling out for the larger size.

It’s hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Unlike an ill-fitting dress or an impulse shoe purchase, beauty products have a weird stigma when it comes to returns. Even though major retailers like Sephora have a satisfaction guarantee, sometimes it takes a minute (or a week) to realize that a product is really, really not for you, despite glowing reviews and magazine awards. That amazing foundation you had to have, it might cause you to break out, but at that point you’re out $60 and have used just a little too much to feel confident with a return.

With Birch Box you will:

  • Sample the best beauty and lifestyle products
  • Learn tips and tricks from experts
  • Buy what you love and earn points

What are you waiting for? There is approximately a four-week waiting period, so sign up today. –Arianna Schioldager

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