I hate sick kids.  I hate runny noses, and fevers, and most of all I hate stomach issues.  There is nothing I fear more than my kids getting the stomach flu.  Except maybe me getting the stomach flu.  That’s pretty bad too.  I feared it until my grandmother gave me some advice I thought I would try.  And what do you know, we didn’t get any stomach viruses here. Not a single one, despite having been exposed to it not once, but twice!!  If you have kids, or just hate vomiting like me, you need to know this trick.

First of all, drinking water is important. But we all know that.  The secret part of this trick is grape juice.  Good old fashioned, nothing added, purple grape juice.  One eight ounce glass a day for adults and kids old enough for juice acts as a preventative. If you have been exposed to the dreaded stomach bug you can up your grape juice intake to three glasses a day.  That’s harder for my kids because I still cut their juice, so they would need roughly six cups of water and juice mix.  We prefer to just have the eight ounces of juice each day and prevent the disaster.  It all depends on how much you like grape juice though I suppose.

I cannot explain why this works, but I can tell you that it does.  Everyone who I’ve talked to and tried it swears by it.  So if the stomach flu is coming your way, you don’t have to hide, just drink your good old fashioned one hundred percent grape juice and enjoy your day!

-Stephanie Wright

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