My poor papa’s birthday usually falls on Father’s Day, and this year is no exception.  Instead of feeling like he’s getting short-served, we Schioldager clan tend to use that as an excuse to do something extra special.  Not that you need an excuse.

This Sunday, June 17th (happy birthday dad!!), ditch the standard steak and golf, and get ready to show dad a good time, and take note from some of the below ideas.

A new kind of BBQ. The grill is dad’s territory—and the one place mom is usually happy to hand over the pastry brush, but why not try a new take on an old favorite? Korean BBQ is somewhere the whole family can literally cook together.  There are a ton of awesome Korean BBQ spots around Los Angeles.  A great one in Downtown LA is District BBQ, back out-door patio and all you can eat, do-it-yourself grilling.

Because it’s hip to be square.  Go line dancing.  Grab some ten-gallon hats, and your best (or most like) cowboy boots and be daddy’s little darling.  It will remind him of those father-daughter dances, but this time the whole family can join and it matters little if you have two left feet.

The outdoorsman. White Water Rafting is a sport that was crafted for dad and requires lots of family teamwork.  The Kern River is a good spot to grab a paddle (and a life jacket) and hit the rapids.

The stay-at-home.  If you have the space, set up some Bocci Ball, stick some drinks on ice and have a fun-spirited competition.

Oh and spare him his chores, and take out the trash.

Remember, most dads are kids at heart, and they are happiest when the whole family is together having a rollicking good time and a hearty laugh.

-Arianna Schioldager


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