I have been thinking about childhood and all the things that I remember growing up.  And when I sit and am honest with myself the things I remember are fantastic memories with my family.  When I say childhood, I’m talking 0-10ish. 
I remember vacations, and camp outs.  Adventures and game nights.  I never paid attention to the size of our house, or how shiny our shoes were.  My parents fought, like any other, but I can’t remember much of that even.  I have memories of going to school, and some friends, but honestly the memories of family time clearly outnumber them.  I don’t remember the fancy preschool my parents had me in.  I don’t remember how much money they spent on my clothes.  I never once felt self conscious rolling up somewhere in my mom’s station wagon, or later her minivan. 

So, I wonder as a mom, why I am occasionally worried about those things for my kids?  My husband feels the same, he doesn’t remember how rich or poor his family was, just that there was love and he had fun.  This is what you might call a revelation for us.  Our kids don’t care that they don’t have every new toy, or thousands of action figures (Barbie’s, fairies, trains, cars, legos….. aye!)  Frankly I think they will be better without the abundance! 

They care, and will remember, their mommy and daddy getting down on the floor with them and playing.   Using their imaginations with us, going on adventures with us, and all of the fantastic things that parents can do with their kids.  It doesn’t take money, or stuff.  Just a small amount of effort and time to make your kids have the greatest childhood possible. 

-Stephanie Wright

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