Remember that scene in Mad Men?  Don and Betty Draper picnicking in the park, playing checkers with the kids?  Betty is coifed and perfect in pink.  Don is casual and aloof.  It’s the quintessential 60’s family picnic scene.  And while it’s an enviable portrait, it isn’t quite up-to-date.  So why not update your own picnic and take that basket some place different?  It could even be someplace that’s a Mad Men-esque throwback…

Like say, the Drive-In.  People have been lurking about drive-in’s in their cars for decades now, and while it’s a little dated, and there aren’t quite so many spots to park and watch, there is usually one close enough somewhere in your vicinity.  It just takes a little internet surfing and you can stumble upon something like The Tiki Drive-In in Montclair, CA. Visit the website here:

A car with a hatchback is the best kind to take.  You can put the seats down, lay out some pillows and blankets and lay out your spread.

The kind of food you pack is key.  It’s a little trickier than a daytime picnic because lights off are a key part of the drive-in (not to mention a tad disrespectful to your neighbors) so anything not too messy that you can consume with your fingers is good.

Something like homemade flatbreads are great because you can make them in a variety of different flavors, like pesto chicken or with goat cheese and panchetta.  Other good finger foods include:  mini sliders, chips and homemade artichoke dip, and bacon wrapped dates.

Plus you can bring homemade popcorn.  The kind you cook on the stove and there is no one to tell you no outside snacks allowed.  Oh and be sure to bring napkins.

-Arianna Schioldager

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