As we continue to indulge after Thanksgiving and before Christmas at numerous holiday parties and on irresistible pies now on sale at the market our sweet tooth starts to feel stronger and our will power weaker. If our bodies get used to the excess sugar, it will continue to crave calorie-dense goodness. The regularity and accessibility of delectable desserts makes it harder to resist temptation and fit into our jeans. However, with a few minor changes you can still satisfy your sweet tooth and fit into your sparkly holiday outfits.

I had been dealing with the evil sweet monster after eating pie (usually with whipped cream or a la mode) every evening the weekend after Thanksgiving. The feast had come and passed and I was still on the “but it’s Thanksgiving!” excuse train. When I got back to college, and thankfully, away from the leftovers, I came up with a new way to satisfy my nightly pie indulgence.

This recipe is beyond easy to prepare, low fat, and filled with the nutrients of an apple, the health benefits of cinnamon, as well as calcium and a bit of protein.


1 apple of your choice (I personally love Jazz and Honeycrisp apples this time of year)

Cinnamon to taste

1 tsp Smart Balance light buttery spread (or any other spread made from olive or canola oil)

½ cup low-fat vanilla ice cream (Dreyer’s Slow Churned is a great low-fat ice cream with all the flavor of regular ice cream)

1 tbsp chopped almonds or walnuts


Cut the apple into small to medium-width chunks or slices. Put the apple slices/chunks into a bowl with the Smart Balance and then sprinkle with cinnamon. Cinnamon regulates your blood sugar, helps prevent cancerous cells, relieves arthritis pain, boosts cognitive function and memory, fights E. coli bacteria, and contains magnesium, fiber, and calcium. So feel free to go crazy with it!

Put the mixture in the microwave for 40-65 seconds, depending on how soft you want your apples. Poor on top of  low-fat ice cream and top with nuts. Enjoy!


-Emily Freeman

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