All around you neighbors are stringing lights and hanging wreaths on doorways. But you wouldn’t buy a pre-cooked Christmas dinner, so, if you have the time and the spirit, why not attempt to make some of your own decorative pieces? You can add your own special twists to wreaths. Fresh greenery wreaths made from pine boughs, ferns, Douglas firs, and eucalyptus sprays fill rooms (or front walk ways) with that timeless Christmas smell. You can shop for flowers and adornments at your local farmers market. Pinecones? Cinnamon sticks? Berries! Even a lavender sprig!  These are all acceptable and smell good pieces. Plus there are many eco-friendly DIY wreath making ways that leave Mother Nature feeling the holiday cheer.

Put on some carols, make some hot spiced apple cider and an afternoon of it.

Simple trick number one: If you’re really going to start from scratch and build your own wreath form (all you need is two wire coat hangers), it’s easiest to prepare the form on a table, and hang the wreath to add embellishments. It’s easier to see where you need to add, twist, or tuck, when looking at the wreath head on.  

You can also purchase a base from your local arts and crafts store. 18” or 16” grapevine wreaths are simple and classic. Wire bases give you more creative room to work with.

What you’ll need: Gather and cut several 8” to 10” long branches/vines of greenery of your choice. Use a floral wire to secure the branches to the wire or base of your choosing. Keep adding stems until the base is the plumpness of your liking. Layer leafy parts over stems.

Now it’s simple! Pick your decorations and secure them with hot glue or floral wire. All the more special having made your own.

-Arianna Schioldager

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