I really enjoy being a DIY diva. If I even think I can come up with a project that complete I give it a shot.

Not too long ago, while I was window shopping at the mall, I saw this cute little canister for holding little girl hair bows and miscellaneous hair accessories. The cute little thing was round, so you could put headbands around it, as well as store things inside.

My daughter is all about head bands. She wears one every single day without fail. We had nowhere to put them, so they just sat in a pile on her dresser. Drove me nuts. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw this headband holder contraption. However, it was $40!!! Needless to say, I decided to DIY it myself.


First thing was to find a good container. Something cylindrical. I chose an empty formula can, but I imagine that empty coffee cans, or oatmeal cans would work great too! Just try to put a headband around to see if it will work. After cleaning my can, I gave it a few coats of white spray paint. Then to sass things up a bit, I cut out my daughters initial and rubber banded it to the canister. Then I went nuts with more rubber bands of varying thicknesses. Once I was happy with the design I spray painted the whole thing purple. Once I removed her initial and all of the rubber bands, I was left with a purple canister with white stripes and a white letter M on it.

At this point you can go to the hardware store and pick up a wooden base to glue on the bottom. Or you can be as excited as my daughter, and just fill her up. Either way, you now have cute stylish containment for all of your daughter’s hair stuff!


-Stephanie Wright

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