Being the new year, i know many of you are working on losing some weight. Maybe getting yourself back into that pre-baby body that you’ve been missing since the minute you peed on a stick. Cutting your calories and cardio exercises are great, but if you really want to rock the “hot mamma” status you will need to start pumping some iron.

I know what you’re thinking, you don’t want to bulk up and look like a dude, so you will pass on the weight lifting. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you that lifting weights is not just for the boys these days. Let’s get to the skinny of it.

First of all, as women we already have to worry about osteoporosis. Were you aware that building muscle has been proven to improve bone density? No lie! Muscle also burns calories more efficiently, so all that sweaty cardio that you just did is even more effective. Even better, your resting metabolism is better too. So you will burn more calories while surfing the net. And while sleeping.

Lean muscle, think J-Lo or Michelle Obama. (Hello good looking arms!)

Now for all of you who swear that you don’t life weights because you do not want to look like a man. Seriously? This is such an old wives tale. The truth of it is, men bulk up the way they do because they have testosterone. Women body builders often take testosterone in order to achieve their muscle mass. Women have more estrogen which actually promotes lean muscles. Lean muscle, think J-Lo or Michelle Obama. (Hello good looking arms!) And remember, it’s not like you will wake up tomorrow with the physique of Arnold, it takes years if now decades for that to happen.

So if you are still worried about looking like a man, you have time to stop and adjust your routines. But I promise you that you will instead look lean and toned.


-Stephanie Wright

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