kidscostumeShopping for Halloween a costume is always fun. But it can get a little pricey especially when you have four children. Everyone wants to shop for outfits, makeup, colored hair spray, “props” they might need– it gets expensive fast. Add in pumpkins, candy and those fun fall hayrides at the local pumpkin patches, and you’ve spent the Christmas budget.

Luckily over the years I have managed to save costumes, because my kids dress up all of the time not just on Halloween. We definitely make good use of anything dress-up at our house. So, how do you save and satisfy the kids?

Sharing is Caring

When you have friends who have kids, you can swap costumes saving time and money.

Get Creative

I love letting my kids use their imagination and create their own costumes. Last year on Halloween my youngest daughter was stuck on being a TV for Halloween. Yes, a TV. It was a great idea and so simple. I used a box from a computer my mom had ordered I spray painted it all black, except the front screen part, I taped that section off and sprayed that with silver spray paint. Then I made antennas like an old school television out of hangers wrapped in foil. So inexpensive, easy to do and a great project enjoy with your kids. My oldest son wanted to be Elvis (in his younger years) so I got him a white button up collared shirt, one of my step-father’s ties and some super fancy shoes. Then we spoofed up his hair and gave him that classic Elvis look and he rocked it out with one of the toy guitars we have at our house.

Shop Outside the Box (or the Pre-Bagged Costume)

I have also heard many of my friends heading out to the consignment shops for kids and scoring awesome costumes. I believe it because I have given random costumes with tags still attached to one of these places. Some people frown upon recycled clothes especially for their kids but Halloween costumes are usually a one-time deal so why not save some cash and use what other people weren’t able to use? I have done the same thing for a costume for myself. I don’t usually go to Halloween parties unless kids are involved, however last year I broke down and went to one. I used an old long black dress, my great-grandmother’s jewelry and accessories, did my hair up in a French twist and exaggerated my eye makeup and went as Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I ended up winning a costume contest and the prize money that came along with it! I would much rather use creativity and anything we already own and come up with unique costumes for the kids and myself.

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