(HealthDay News) — Pests are a nuisance and may be a health hazard. But you’re not doing your family any favors by using toxic chemicals inappropriately.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends:

  • Get estimates from several recommended companies in your area. Ask questions about their processes.
  • Ask how long each company has been in business at the current location, and check to see if there have been complaints filed against the company.
  • Request a list of references.
  • Ensure that technicians are licensed and certified to use pesticides correctly.
  • Request a copy of pesticide labels and how much is applied during treatment.

2 thoughts on “Health Tip: Choosing a Pest Control Service

  1. I’m grateful for your advice about hiring a pest control company. I definitely agree that we should look after the chemicals that they’ll be using. Just let me share a simple tip that searching online is your best source if you need a well-experienced pest control company near you. However, when browsing online, review all the reviews; don’t just jump and stop at the nearest service provider you can find.

  2. I like your suggestion to make sure that the technicians are certified and licensed to use pesticides correctly. Recently, I keep on seeing spiders trapped in my bathtub, and I am kind of sick of it because I’m scared of spiders. So I’ll have to look for a licensed pest control service to come out and take care of it for me.

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