Exercise usually is good for those with arthritis, but there are many potential obstacles to keep you inactive.

Here are strategies to keep you moving, courtesy of the Arthritis Foundation:

  • No time? Exercise in short bursts, even just 10 minutes at a time. Find a fitness partner to help keep it fun.
  • If you’re having pain, try a low-impact exercise, such as swimming. Exercise even when you’re tired, as regular exercise helps boost energy.
  • Don’t look at exercise as just a way to lose weight. It also helps manage pain, increase flexibility and makes it easier to do daily tasks.
  • Look for a new gym if you feel self-conscious at the current one. If money is a concern, just go for a walk or buy inexpensive home workout equipment.
  • Try interval training, a few minutes of vigorous exercise followed by a recovery period, if you’re not seeing changes.
  • Visit a personal trainer.
  • Schedule workouts so you don’t keep putting them off.
  • Remember to reward yourself.

Source: HealthDay

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