(HealthDay News) –If you want to eat more fruits and vegetables, head to your local farmer’s market.

Here’s how it can boost your nutritional intake, courtesy of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:

  • You’ll find some of your favorite summer fare, but also new fruits and vegetables grown locally to try.
  • Talking to the farmer can encourage you to try new things and you can get tips on how to best cook and enjoy the food.
  • Check websites to find out what’s in season in your area right now for the freshest and most delicious produce.
  • Go early if you want the prettiest produce. If you want a deal (and are willing to risk them running out) try shopping closer to closing time.
  • Remember to pay attention to the vendors’ food safety practices, making sure that perishable foods are in coolers on ice.
  • Asking the farmer about how it’s grown can ensure that you’re eating organically grown produce.

Source: HealthDay

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