One of this season’s hottest home decorating items is the sphere.  Displayed in store windows and dotting the pages of catalogs and websites, the cylindrical orb is everywhere.  Christmas time makes it very easy to recreate this trend at home by using Christmas tree ornaments.  They come in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns.  On most ornaments you can twist off the top or hook, leaving a perfect sphere with endless decorating possibilities.   Craft stores and discount retailers are an excellent source for finding amazing deals on ornaments.  At Michaels Craft Store, I picked up a variety pack of eight ornaments for $4.99 which were then 40% off.

For a clean neutral look, purchase ornaments in different sizes simple colors like shades of brown and gold, in a matte finish.  Fill a bowl or apothecary jar on a table for an instantly festive look.  Use different sizes of blue and white or blue and silver for a fun Hanukkah look, or red and green for Christmas. I took large glass candles that I rarely burn and added ornaments into them for an updated holiday look. 

You can also make a great centerpiece with spheres.  I took a large candle platter and filled it with green, brown and gold ornaments.  I then added tea light holders I already had, in between the ornaments.  When lit, the light from the tea lights bounces off of the ornaments and the result is a look that is rich and luxurious, but easily affordable.  

When you are looking at all of those catalogs this week, take mental note of the décor you like – or take the catalog to the craft store and recreate their look, your way, for a fraction of the cost.  Have fun!

-Jana Gersten

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