I recently moved my home office from the living room to the kitchen of all places.   Being that it’s the room in the house that gets the most visitors, I needed to make sure that my new workspace was clean and not the normal hot mess, but also wanted to give it my personal little kick of flair.  After I decided to do this, I was like oh wait- where to I FIND such novelties?  So where does a girl turn but the internet and some nifty search phrases.   Some of the cutest desk accessories I found were on See Jane Work, it’s a bit more pricey but worth it if you want some fun and not bland stuff!

Check out some of my personal fav’s.


1.)    8 Days a Week Mousepad $13

2.)    Ceramic Memo Board $15

3.)    Mini Dog Staplers $8

4.)    Brocade Letter Tray $13

5.)    Library Flat File $10

6.)    Twig Table Lamp $99

7.)    Squirrel Candleholder $88

8.)    Hourglass $30

9.)    Bling Frames $30-$40

-Jessica Brown

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