We all add a little something extra to our tables when decorating for the holidays.  Some of us use our fine china, some use candles, we all seem to want to capture some festive magic as we sit down to eat.  And with each meal, comes the dreaded clean up.  Here are some simple tips that will make it a bit easier this season, and actually for any occasion in which you entertain.

Holiday Joy – Cooking for family and friends and celebrating

Holiday Oh Boy – The DISHES

Try Eco-friendly disposable dishware made of bamboo.  They are now readily available at stores as well as retailers online.  You can find them in a variety of sizes in dishware, serving pieces and utensils.  They cost a bit more than average paper plates, but are ten times stronger so each guest will only need one and are completely biodegradable.

Holiday Joy – Red Wine, food or drink that is dark in color

Holiday Oh Boy – THE STAINS

Scotchgard™ OXY Spot & Stain Remover for carpets and rugs.  This stuff is absolutely amazing.  I have seen it personally take out red wine and diet coke from my rug. See http://www.scotchgard.com/ for store locations.  Oxy Clean laundry products in combination with Wine Out, is the best for getting stains out of clothing and table linens

Holiday Joy – The glow of candles in lanterns or votives

Holiday Oh Boy – The wax that gets everywhere even when the manufacturer insists that the candle is dripless.

Place a foil cupcake holder under the candle before placing it in its holder.  The shape of the cupcake holder collects the wax perfectly and it won’t get all over your candle holder anymore.  The foil holder actually looks rather chic coming through the lantern or votive.  (Please don’t leave candles burning unattended.)

-Jana Gersten

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