I love pita chips, but don’t eat them often enough to buy a whole bag.  The other day I had a craving, so I decided to make them with this easy recipe.  Enjoy!

1 bag of pita bread (any kind you like – white, wheat, etc.)

3 lightly beaten egg whites or non-fat cooking spray (PAM)

Sesame Seeds




Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Using a pizza cutter, cut each pita in half then half again – you should have four triangles.

For really thin and crispy chips, peel the pita triangles in half.  I usually make some thin, some thick. 

Arrange the pita wedges on baking sheets. Keep the chips separate – all thin chips on one baking sheet, thick on the other. 

Using a baking brush, brush pita with egg whites.  If you don’t want to use egg whites, spray pita with non-fat cooking spray.

Sprinkle topping on pita.

Bake for 6-10 minutes.  The crispy chips are going to bake much faster than the thicker chips, which is why you should use two baking trays.

When the chips edges start curling, get ready to pull them out.  About 6 minutes for thin chips and about 7-9 minutes for thicker chips.


  • When using a cinnamon/sugar topping or salt, try and taste the chips as soon as they come out of the over.  Most times they need a re-dusting of the spice.
  • Be creative! Try out anything in the pantry.  Sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seed and onion salt all work really well.
  • Make them sweet and salty.  Sugar and Salt anyone?

-Jana Gersten

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