Everyone has a piece of old art lying around.  Maybe the kids have outgrown their baby art or maybe you have a piece in the garage that you hate.  Time to recycle it!  Designer bulletin boards can start at $40 and can go into the $100 and upwards price range.  Here is a simple way to make your own and you can do it for fewer than ten dollars!

  • Locate the art that you want to use.  I like pieces with glass because there is a gap in between the frame and glass, but you can also use canvas. 


  • Purchase cork tiles from a craft or office supply store. 
  • Using a tape measure, measure the glass inside the frame of the artwork.   The cork tiles need to fit on top of the glass, within the boundaries of the existing frame.  Transfer the measurements onto the cork tiles. 


  • Cut out tiles



  • Using a hot glue gun, glue down the cork tiles onto the glass.



  • Repeat with all tiles and all art (I’m making two boards) until completed.
  • You can leave the boards as is, you’ll have a great looking bulletin board in a fun frame, or you can decorate them as I did.  I whipped out my craft kit and made one regular bulletin board and then one cork and ribbon board so I could vary it up a little bit. 



For one board I simply trimmed it in black velvet ribbon to give it a polished appearance.  

For the second, I wove black satin ribbon onto the board so I could hang photos on it, as well as use it as a pin board.

Lay out ribbon diagonally in one direction, gluing it in each corner. Then lay the ribbon again diagonally, this time in the opposite direction.  It’s a fun twist and still very functional.



There you have it, a great looking bulletin board.  Since I had the ribbon and the glue gun, I only had to purchase the cork tiles.  A pack of four tiles cost me $7.99.  The options on this project are endless and it’s a good one for the kid’s rooms too!

Jana Gersten

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