Romantic couple relaxing in hammockFor me, the idea of planning my honeymoon is far more exciting than organizing my actual wedding day—who doesn’t love a perfectly good excuse for an exotic and romantic vacation?  Here are a few of the best places I’ve run across during my travel research.

Stay in above-water cabanas on Turtle Island, Fiji
Discover Turtle Island in Fiji for the meaning of secluded and exclusive paradise unparalleled, even next to Bora Bora. With accommodations for only fourteen couples at any given time, the aim of Turtle Island Resort is to give couples an experience of a lifetime. For the ultimate in luxury, romance, and relaxation, Turtle Island is a true once-in-a-lifetime getaway.

Take in the Austrian countryside
If you’re thinking of driving through southern France, then consider Austria as a less typical honeymoon adventure. Indeed, the hills are alive here and there’s something picturesque, charming, and untouched about so much of Austria’s countryside that can’t be said of France. Visit quaint towns like Hallstatt, set amid snow-capped mountains (see our Photo Slideshow of Hallstatt, Austria for some unforgettable views) or discover music and classical culture in Salzburg.


The world’s fourth largest island, Madagascar is home to fantastic creatures such as the tortoise, the lemur, and the elephant bird, as well as a fantastic array of indigenous flora and fauna.Bird-watchers in particular will fall in love with the island, taking part in bird-watching excursions to view the unusual bird species of the Madagascar fish eagle, the newtonia, and the ground roller.


Most often offered in a combination package to include a tour of magnificent Kenya, the island paradise of Zanzibar features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.The happy couple will experience the traditional beach-hopping honeymoon with a twist – the music of Zanzibar, most famously called “taarab”, is hauntingly beautiful, and the food is unique and sublime.

Hideout on a deserted island in the Bahamas
If you’re looking for truly deserted islands—and no, Tahiti doesn’t count—then look to the Bahamas. Sure, you’ve heard of Nassau and Paradise Island but what about Long Island? Eleuthera? Exumas? You don’t want to miss out on the world’s best-kept secret for hidden island getaways and truly secluded beaches. Don’t believe me? Find out why Long Island: the “Real” Paradise Island in the Bahamas.



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